Gimpo FC not responsible for ‘extreme choice’… Civil group appeals for truth-finding

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Last year, a Gimpo FC youth team player made an extreme choice claiming bullying from coaches.

As there was still no one in charge, even sports civic organizations came out and appealed for the truth.

This is reporter Lee Jun-hee’s report안전놀이터.


Today is the birthday of Gimpo FC youth player Jeong, who passed away after complaining of verbal abuse from the leaders.

Sports civic organizations have urged the punishment of the clear truth and the punishment of the person responsible.

[“Condemn Kim Byung-soo, Mayor of Gimpo, and Seo Yeong-gil, CEO of Gimpo FC! Condemn!”]

After an eight-month investigation, the Sports Ethics Center decided to punish three people, including the manager and coach, but the leaders were still in Gimpo, even renewing their contracts. I am in FC.

Gimpo FC has finally come up with a makeshift plan to exclude the leaders from work as the recent incident has come to the surface again.

[Soundbite] Seo Young-gil/CEO of Gimpo FC: “I’m really sorry to the bereaved family and feel responsible

. Detective Lee is struggling alone to resolve his son’s injustice until he applies for a provisional injunction in a civil lawsuit.

[Jung Mo-gun’s father: “I wish they wouldn’t touch the soccer ball for the rest of their lives. I’ll do it until I die, so don’t worry and live comfortably. I’ll make you regret for the rest of my life, so live comfortably there…”]

Daehan The Football Association plans to decide the level of punishment for the leaders after hearing the call of Jung’s father at the Fair Committee next week.

This is Lee Jun-hee from KBS News.


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