From a hobby class → 147 km/h, the second Choi Seung-yong appeared…Seoul Dongsan High School Kim Seong-yoon’s challenge story

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 “I want to follow the cool image of (Choi) Seung-yong.”

From the 3rd year of middle school, 4-5 years later than other players, he entered the path of an ‘elite baseball player’ and became a left-hander for the Doosan Bears. Caught Choi Seung-yong. He continues to pitch vigorously on the mound under the modifier ‘beautiful flower that blooms late’.

Another flower here is getting ready to go out into the world. This is Seoul Dongsan High School pitcher Kim Seong-yoon.

Seoul Dongsan High School Kim Seong-yoon looks similar to Choi Seung-yong. Kim Seong-yoon is also walking on the path of a full-fledged baseball player from the 3rd year of middle school after going through a hobby class. He has also emerged as the new dark horse in the draft this season, throwing a fastball that forms in the mid-140 km range.안전놀이터

Seongyun Kim began to make his name known in earnest from E-Mart’s National High School Baseball Championship. At that time, he recorded 1 run in 5 innings in a match against Jeonju left-hander Ace Son Hyeon-ki. He received attention from many scouts with his good ball, which reached a maximum speed of 147 km. In particular, his soft pitching form and ball movement, as well as his ability to strike out 1 per inning, are considered his strengths. 

In an interview with MHN Sports on the 7th, Kim Seong-yoon said, “I think I focused more on the game because I had a goal to throw well along with the team’s victory at E-Mart Bae.” It seems that the restraint came out well because the part gave good synergy.”

Then, he said modestly, “I still felt that I had a lot of flaws and a lot of lacking parts.”

It has only been four years since Kim Seong-yoon officially started playing baseball. Despite the late start, Kim Seong-yoon did not give up and always expressed his efforts. He said, “As my older brother served as a coach for the youth baseball team in Yanolju, Namyangju, I naturally came into contact with baseball as a hobby class. After that, I gradually developed my dream and walked the path of a full-fledged baseball player.”

He added, “Because I started playing baseball later than others, there are many aspects that are physically lacking. I still value weight training the most. I am also supplementing my shortcomings by asking for help from pitching coaches and seniors.”

There was also a special ‘connection’ with Choi Seung-yong of Doosan. Coincidentally, Choi Seung-yong is also from the Namyangju Yanol Youth Baseball Team, where Kim Seong-yoon first started baseball. He is called ‘the second Choi Seung-yong’ as he shows a similar appearance to Choi Seung-yong, such as his pitching form and breaking ball.

Kim Seong-yoon said, “I always receive a lot of help and motivation from (Choi) Seung-yong, who is from the same youth baseball team, and Oh Sang-won of Kiwoom Heroes.” there is,” he said.

He also said, “(Choi) Seung-yong hyung and (Oh) Sang-won hyung’s passion and hard work for baseball is really amazing.

Kim Seong-yoon and Seoul Dongsan High School are facing the final tournament right before the rookie draft, Bonghwangdae. For Kim Seong-yoon, who is challenging the draft, this tournament is very important.

Kim Seong-yoon said, “Actually, in the second half of the training, I ate the wrong digestive medicine and suffered from hives and difficulty breathing. At the same time, I lost a lot of weight and muscle mass, so I wasn’t in a normal condition, and I couldn’t digest many innings. The coach told me It always bothered me because I couldn’t repay the trust you gave me and I couldn’t help my classmates and juniors.”

He continued, “I want to repay the team who trusted and waited for me even in bad shape through this waiting for the phoenix. After showing good shape, I will think about draft nominations and future goals.”


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