‘Four Kings’ Sanchez-‘Korea’s first world champ’ Choi Seong-won PBA debut + all eliminated in the 128 round

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The ‘super-goers’ who made their professional billiards PBA토토사이트 debut drank all at once. Daniel Sanchez (Spain, SY), who dominated the World Carom Federation (UMB) stage, and Choi Seong-won (Huons), a Korean 3-cushion star, Murat Nasi Choklu (Turkiye, Hana Card), will start the 2023-2024 season opening tour I was eliminated in the round of 128.

Sanchez lost to Hwang Deuk-hee (SY) with a set score of 1-3 (3-15 15-5- 8-15 7-15) in the round of 128 of the opening tour ‘Blue One Resort PBA Championship’ held at Blue One Resort in Gyeongju.

Sanchez, who won the UMB World Cup 16 times, jumped into the Korean professional billiards stage this season. However, he had a rough debut. He scored only 3 runs in 11 innings in the first set against Hwang Deuk-hee. He made up for it by scoring 7 high runs in the 5th and 8th innings in the 2nd set, but gave up the 3rd and 4th sets in vain.

Choi Seong-won, who became the first Korean to win the World 3-Cushion Championship in 2014, also lost to Park Han-ki 1-3 (15-11 13-15 12-15 3-15). He widened the gap by recording a high run of 8 points in the 2nd inning of the 1st set. They won 15-11 in 7 innings. However, he tasted bitter after giving up 2 to 4 sets.


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