Former ONE champion Ok Rae-yoon won by unanimous decision against US mixed martial arts giant

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Ok Rae-yoon (32) has prepared a stepping stone to return to the top of Asia’s largest group, ONE Championship, mixed martial arts.

‘ONE Fight Night 10’ was held on the 6th 토토사이트(Korean time) at the First Bank Center (capacity: 6,500) in Broomfield, Colorado, USA. Ok Rae-yoon, ranked first in the official One Championship lightweight ranking, won an away match against Rowan Tynerness (33) by unanimous decision.

In August 2022, Ok Rae-yoon won a comeback in 253 days (8 months and 10 days) after failing to defend the lightweight title in the first round. He has shown that he deserves a shot at the One Championship again.

Tynerness is a champion of three mixed martial arts events, ▲ 2011 Hawaii ‘808 Battlegrounds’ lightweight ▲ 2012 Philippine URCC lightweight ▲ 2013 US ‘King of the Cage’ light welterweight.

In terms of the One Championship record, including the results of this match, Tynerness (7 wins, 2 losses) is better than Ok Rae-yoon (4 wins, 1 loss). Ok Rae-yoon’s defeat of Tynerness is a positive reason for claiming the legitimacy of the title re-challenge.

One Championship’s official website also said, “Ok Rae-yoon overpowered Tynerness in a thrilling, fast-paced confrontation. The former lightweight champion won a decisive victory against an American mixed martial arts giant.”

The opponents for the 7th win of Tynerness include former featherweight champion Honorio Banario (34, Philippines) and former lightweight title challenger Koji Ando (38, Japan). The One Championship website praised, saying, “Ok Rae-yoon had a hard time defending in wrestling, but showed an overwhelming superiority with boxing that peaked with sharp jabs and poisonous punch combinations.”

In 2021, Ok Rae-yoon defeated former featherweight champion Marat Gafurov (39, Russia), former UFC lightweight champion Eddy Alvarez (39, USA), and ▲ lightweight and welterweight combined champion Christian Lee (25, USA/Canada) in order to win the One Championship Lightweight He rose to the championship and reached the peak of his career 9 years after his debut in mixed martial arts.

Although he came down from the top after losing a rematch with Korean fighter Christian Lee (Lee Seung-ryong), One Championship ranks Ok Rae-yoon as the first in the official lightweight ranking, acknowledging his status right next to the champion.

The One Championship website highly praised him for continuing his good blows without being swayed by wrestling classics, saying, “It is impressive that he punished Tynerness with conspicuous superiority in the other areas, even though he exposed his weaknesses in grappling.”

After starting her mixed martial arts career in 2013, Ok Rae-yoon has experienced stages in ▲China, ▲Japan, and ▲Singapore, but it is the first time he fought in the United States at ONE Fight Night 10. Overcoming his unfamiliar surroundings also enhances the value of his victories.

Former ONE Championship Mixed Martial Arts lightweight champion Ok Rae-yoon enters ‘ONE Fight Night 10’.


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