Fireworks at the basketball court… ‘Have you ever played in a place like this?’

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Can you imagine a basketball game taking place amidst fireworks?

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This is a special outdoor stadium installed in Belgrade, Serbia.

Wow, the visible crowd size is huge.

They say there are 7,000 seats, but it actually seems like there are a lot more, right?

In addition, there were fireworks and fireworks exploding simultaneously…

It felt like a festival rather than a basketball game.

It is an annual friendly match between Serbia and Spain, two countries with a long relationship in basketball.

Players from both teams also played hard amidst the spectacle of non-stop fireworks exploding.

Regardless of the outcome, it must have been a truly unique experience.


Pittsburgh’s Bae Ji-hwan reached base due to a walk.스포츠토토

Immediately trying to steal second base~

Oh, where did the ball go?

The catcher’s throw to second base hit the back of the pitcher’s head.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a major injury.

Taking advantage of the chaos, Bae Ji-hwan reaches third base before he knows it!

The legs are truly amazing.


The last one is lake rain.

Three people run at the same time toward a high foul ball…

Catch this!

Philadelphia Scott’s fantastic sliding catch!

It was a tenacious defense that never gave up.

It has been a top play so far.


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