“Find the children who ate jjajangmyeon”

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Our social issues, let’s take a look.

Isshu keywords, the first is “Jajangmyeon”.

In an online community, there was a post that said토토사이트, “We are looking for children who ate Jajangmyeon,” and it got my attention.

What are they looking for?

The story goes like this.

Two elementary school-aged kids came into a restaurant in Incheon and ordered just one bowl of jajangmyeon.

When asked why, they said they didn’t have enough money.

The restaurant owner gave them another bowl of jajangmyeon and a drink.

A few days later, when the owner was out of town, the child came back with his parents and handed them a handwritten note and 8,000 won in cash.

The note said “thank you” and “I will be a generous person like you”.

The boss told the child that he was waiting for him to come back and wanted to treat him to a meal.


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