Expectant player Kim Won-min wins two gold medals for two weeks in a row. Korea overall championship

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Kim Won-min (Andong Joong, Andong Sports Club)토스카지노, a promising junior player, won the singles championship at the 14-year-old Asian Championship and won two gold medals for two consecutive weeks, playing a key role in helping the Korean 14-year-old national team win the overall championship.

On April 14, in the singles final on the final day of the 2023 ITF 14-year-old Asian Championship 2nd Competition held in Bhubaneswar, India, Kim Won-min led the game with powerful firepower and stable defense, defeating Shipday Shirp (India) 6-1 6 I defeated it lightly with -0.

With this, Kim Won-min won both singles and doubles in the first and second competitions, winning two gold medals for two weeks in a row, and is expected to rise to No. 1 in the Asian 14-year-old male ranking announced next week, solidifying his position as a next-generation star.

In the women’s final, Hong Ye-ri (Yangjin Elementary School) beat Eva Koriseva (Kazakhstan) with a set score of 2-0 (6-3 6-0) and rose to the top of the women’s division.

Meanwhile, at the ITF 14-year-old Asian Championship, where the best players under the age of 14, composed of next-generation prospects from Asian countries, participated and competed fiercely, the Korean 14-year-old national team led by coach Kim Lee-sook won men’s and women’s singles and doubles in the first competition, and men’s and women’s singles in the second competition. He enjoyed the honor of winning the overall championship by performing well to win the top spot in the men’s doubles.


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