ESPN Game Fantasy League also gives Kim Ha-seong a ‘thumbs up’

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Local U.S. media outlets are praising Kim Ha-seong one after

another. The day before, a leading baseball magazine ranked Kim Ha-seong as the ‘most talented second baseman’, and ESPN also mentioned Kim Ha-seong’s value. This is reporter Kim Sang-ik in the report. [Reporter] Kim메이저놀이터


seong Its value was also recognized in ‘Fantasy League’, a simulation game operated by ESPN.

ESPN mentioned the performance of Nico Horner of the Chicago Cubs and Ha-Seong Kim of San Diego, and evaluated them as being much more valuable than the big-money free agent signings who took over their shortstop positions. As

Kim Ha-seong is increasing his value and recognition day by day, his dream of becoming the first Korean and the first Asian infielder to win the Gold Glove is also maturing. Atlanta’s Acuna Jr. made multiple fours in the game against St. Louis, ending his season with a clothesline in the first


. Acuna, who hit his 33rd home run, drew his 34th arch in the 6th inning

[Local broadcast: Towards center field, it passes. This is Acuna Jr.’s second home run of the night. Atlanta records 10 solo home runs in this three-game series.]

Acuna, who is recording 34 home runs and 63 stolen bases, is likely to win the National League MVP award as he can hit 40 home runs and 73 stolen bases at this rate.

Teammate Matt Olson also has 4 He hit his 47th home run of the season in consecutive games, increasing his chances of winning the combined home run title in both leagues.

The gap with the LA Angels’ Ohtani, who missed 4 consecutive games due to side pain, has now widened to 3. This


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