‘Don’t be shaken, we do the preparation’ Academies digging into chaos

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On the 20th, the front gate of a large entrance exam academy in Daechi-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul. Around lunchtime, the students who finished their morning classes poured out into the streets. In their hands토토사이트, there was a notice written by a famous Korean instructor, Mr. A. In a notice that fills an A4 page, Mr. A mentions the government’s policy to exclude the killer questions (super-difficulty questions) from the SAT, saying, “I hope you don’t worry about being right or wrong about a confusing situation . Do not be agitated. I will worry about it and I will thoroughly prepare for it.”

In the Daechi-dong academy district, a movement was detected to seek a new response strategy and use it for marketing just one day after the announcement of the exclusion of killer questions. This information was also included in the notice written by Mr. A. According to the government’s announcement, he predicted that the high-level ‘seeing’ problem in the reading section, which determines the discrimination in the Korean language area, would be excluded as much as possible. He also mentioned that there is a higher possibility of ‘congruence’ questions to find an answer corresponding to the contents of the text than ‘inference’ questions in which the answer is inferred by reading the context.

He also promised to provide a data book in the form of a mock test in which the passages from EBS textbooks are organized and solved as the possibility of strengthening the linkage rate with EBS increases.

Ahn (18), a repeat student who was carrying a notice along with the academy textbooks, said, “I was intensively preparing the reading questions in the Korean language section, which is the most difficult. She has about 5 months left for the SAT, and it is embarrassing to say that she is suddenly excluding killer questions,” she said. Even so, she said, “For now, I plan to prepare according to the academy (strategy).”

Another entrance examination specialized academy predicted that there would be an increase in ‘killer questions and semi-killer questions’ to maintain discrimination, and planned to intensively train students on how to quickly solve problems without mistakes within the time limit. It is said that work for this is already underway behind the scenes. The format of classes is also expected to change from a lecture format to a private tutoring format.

A person in charge of this academy said, “I think we need to carefully check students’ problem solving to reduce mistakes. I think parents will also ask for individual care for their children.” She continued, “It will be difficult until one to one, but I will reduce the number of people entering the class to less than 10 at a time.”

After the government announcement, Daechi-dong academies are flooded with inquiries from test takers and parents. There was also a prospect that the number of high-ranking students preparing for the CSAT again may increase. The director of a medical school entrance exam center in Daechi-dong said, “Yesterday alone, 10 Seoul National University students asked if it would be okay to repeat the exam.” It is to think about re-supply,” he explained.

Officials at private academies said that they are currently preparing strategies to respond to the wave of government announcements centering on large entrance exam academies, which have become ‘targets’, and that small and medium-sized academies will follow suit if these measures become visible. An admissions expert said, “Private education somehow survives. We will respond quickly and release new products,” he said.

The government is currently taking aim at the ‘private education cartel’. It is to first break the structure in which experienced personnel from the CSAT exam committee members sell killer questions at high prices to large entrance examination institutes, and then distribute them to test-takers. “In Daechi-dong, there are public classes where only the top students are gathered and sold killer questions,” said the head of a large academy’s entrance examination strategy research institute.


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