Django, the ‘hero’ who kept his promise, flies high

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Hugue Fabrice Django (30), a track and field hero from Burkina Faso, gave his country its first gold medal at the World Championships in Athletics. Django won the gold medal in the men’s triple jump at the 2023 World Championships in Athletics held at the National Stadium in Budapest, Hungary on the 22nd. The triple jump finals are held until the 6th period, and Django jumped 17m64 in the 5th period, beating Lázaro Martinez (17m41) and Cristian Napoles (17m40), Cuba’s leading triple jump players.

Burkina Faso is a country located in West Africa. As of last year, with a population of 21 million and a nominal gross domestic product (GDP) per capita of $886, it is the world’s poorest country. As in other African countries, football is the most popular sport, but other sports have not made a big splash.

Django is the main character who has a dream in his impoverished homeland, land barren. He finished third in the men’s triple jump at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, winning the first world championship medal in Burkina Faso’s history. Later, at the Tokyo Olympics held in 2021, he ranked third and won his first Olympic medal, and at the World Championships in Eugene last year, he won a silver medal. And in this competition, he finally rose to the top position. Django said, “I promised the people that I would write a new history. And today, I kept my promise,” he said, expressing his overwhelming feelings.메이저사이트

Meanwhile, Shah Carrie Richardson (USA), who caused a lot of controversy for her marijuana use, won her first major gold medal in the women’s 100m final.

In the semifinals, she finished in third place in group 2 with a time of 10.84, before reaching the final, she won the final with a time of 10.65, a new event record. Sherica Jackson took second place with 10.72 seconds, and former record holder (10.67) and five-time World Championship 100m champion Shelley Ann Fraser-Pryce (Jamaica) was third with 10.77 seconds. .

Richardson is a player who caused controversy after winning the women’s 100m final in the 2021 Tokyo Olympics in 10.86 in the U.S. Track and Field Championships, after a drug test detected marijuana ingredients. At the time, Richardson received the obituary of her mother (who had been long separated from her) “preceding her tryouts. She confessed that she made such a choice because it was very difficult psychologically.

Richardson, who is known for his hostile reaction to the media, said in an interview with APTN, a video service of the Associated Press, after the game, “I advise everyone to ‘don’t give up, don’t be fooled by the media, and don’t be swayed by others’ evaluations.’ He responded with mixed emotions.


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