“Deadline August 11th!!” Kane agrees with Munich on the final date of transfer… “Continuing discussions with Tottenham”

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It has been revealed that Harry Kane has set a final date to make a final decision on his move to Bayern Munich. 

Kane has emerged as a target of interest for football fans as the possibility of leaving Tottenham increases ahead of the 2023/24 season. Kane, who was named the highest scorer in Tottenham’s history, but Tottenham finished 8th in the 2022/23 season and failed to advance to the competition organized by the European Football Federation (UEFA), and the prospect of moving the team to win has emerged. 

The club that approached Kane, who was eager to win, was Munich. Munich showed a sharp decline in performance due to the absence of a frontline striker after the transfer of Roberto Lewandowski, and then shook with regret in both the league and the Champions League in the 2022/23 season. 

In the transfer market this summer, Conrad Reimer, Rafael Guerreiro, and Kim Min-jae were brought in to make up for the disappointment of last season, and Kane was put up as a candidate to reinforce the attacking team, and a recruitment plan was set up. 

However, it was not easy to convince Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy, who was rumored to be picky. Chairman Levy, who is known to want more than 100 million pounds (approximately 170 billion won), offers all of Munich’s first proposal of 70 million euros (approximately 99 billion won) and the second offer of 80 million euros (approximately 114.5 billion won) with options added. refused. 

Negotiations continued, but it was not easy to convince Tottenham. The Munich executives visited London to hold talks, but they had to return to the club only after confirming the difference in the transfer fee.

Global sports media ‘The Athletic’ said, “Munich and Tottenham had a difference of 25 million pounds (about 41 billion won) in the valuation of Kane at the meeting on Monday. Representatives of both clubs discussed Kane’s transfer, and discussions will continue. It is scheduled,” he explained, explaining that the part about the transfer fee could not be agreed at the meeting.토토사이트

Despite Munich’s decision to pay £100 million, Tottenham still had no answer. British media The Sun said, “Kane is expecting his future to be decided this weekend, and Munich has offered Tottenham a transfer fee of £86 million (about 144.3 billion won).” There is. Including an additional option of £17 million (approximately KRW 28.3 billion), the transfer fee proposed by Munich exceeds £100 million.” 

Levy expressed discomfort with the fact that Munich was putting pressure on the decision despite delivering a final offer of over £100 million. Sport commented: “Munich visibly put pressure on Kane’s transfer negotiations. Levy didn’t like it and had to take his anger out once again.” 

“Tottenham feel they are under unnecessary pressure, and it is said that Levy was not happy. It is not yet known if Tottenham will accept a new offer from Munich. However, Munich are waiting for an answer by the end of the week.” He explained that the attitude of waiting for an answer until 2020 put pressure on Tottenham. 

“President Levy made an insane twist on the Kane deal,” Sport Bild said. I went on a two-week vacation with my family,” said Levy, who ignored Munich’s final offer and went on vacation.

In the midst of this, as Tottenham’s final decision was delayed, reports emerged that Kane and Munich had also set deadlines to promote transfers. 

German media FCB Inside reported on the 7th (Korean time) that “Munich and Kane have agreed on the transfer deadline.” 

FCB Inside said, “Munich has made a new offer to sign Kane. This is the final offer. There will be no further financial increase. Tottenham’s response has not been forthcoming for a long time. According to the news, Tottenham did not reject the offer.” . 

But we can’t wait forever for Tottenham. Munich and Kane have set a deadline for the transfer. To put it simply, they mean that unless a final decision is made by August 11th, the deal will most likely be closed this summer.” He explained that this transfer would not go beyond August 11th. 

However, Tottenham and Munich have not given up on negotiations at all. The media said, “According to the news, the two clubs, Munich and Tottenham, continue to maintain good contact. The Munich leadership will discuss further measures this Monday. The deadline will be Friday, and currently Munich can do nothing. Not much,” he said, adding that Munich could do something more besides additional talks. 

Meanwhile, while rumors of a transfer to Munich continued, Kane scored 4 goals in the first home game of the pre-season, making the fans’ hearts even more anxious. 

Kane played in the match between Shakhtar and Tottenham on the 6th and led the team to a great victory by scoring the first goal in the first half and adding three goals in the second half. After the game, the British Daily Mail highlighted, “Tottenham fans sang cheers and begged, saying, ‘We all want you to stay at Tottenham’ when Kane, who is close to transferring to Munich, scored four goals.”

With less than a week left until the final deadline between Munich and Kane, and the decision on Kane’s transfer this summer is less than a week away, great attention is expected to be paid to what decision Tottenham will make within the remaining period. 


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