Curry, ‘MVP ladder 1st place’ face-to-face with Embiid… GSW, will it be different at home?

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The Golden State Warriors, who started their 5-game road trip with 3 losses in a row, but returned home after finishing with 2 wins in a row, will face the Philadelphia 76ers, who are on a 7-game winning streak.

Golden State, which is showing off its extreme form at its home stadium, the Chase Center this season, is challenging for a 9-game winning streak, while Philadelphia is aiming for 3 consecutive wins against Golden State, centered on Joel Embiid, who ranked first on the MVP ladder. The final match between Philadelphia and Golden State in the 22-23 NBA regular season will be broadcast live exclusively on SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW at 11:00 am on Saturday the 25th (hereinafter Korean time카지노사이트).

Golden State succeeded in breaking its 11-game losing streak by winning both the Houston and Dallas expeditions. Golden State is currently ranked 6th in the middle of the Western Conference competition. As we are only 1 game away from 4th place Phoenix, we want to enter the top seed by continuing our winning streak. Golden State, which is posting a 29-7 home record this season, is currently on an eight-game winning streak at the Chase Center. It is noteworthy whether Stephen Curry (4.9) and Klay Thompson (4.2), who are jointly making 9.1 3-pointers per game, can break down Philadelphia’s perimeter.

The visiting team, Philadelphia, which has been on the rise with 9 wins and 1 loss in the last 10 games, is aiming for the second place Boston, which has been sluggish. Philadelphia has already secured its place in the playoffs with the one-two punch of James Harden and Embiid. James Harden missed the previous game due to a foot injury, but Tyrese Maxey, Tobias Harris, and D. Anthony Melton took the lead and defeated Chicago by 25 points. In particular, Embiid, who scored 12 points, 7 assists and 7 rebounds in 16 minutes in the first half, was not played in the second half and the ace’s stamina was arranged.

As Philadelphia is on a 7-game winning streak and Golden State is on an 8-game winning streak at home, a fierce match is expected. The confrontation between the two teams that need to win to jump in the rankings at the end of the season can be seen on Saturday, the 25th at 11:00 am on SPOTV ON and SPOTV NOW.


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