Crew members threw their whole bodies, but did they give up?…Daegu MBC interview controversy

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“There’s nothing we can do. Should we go and close the door? I was making that judgment.”

That’s what a passenger on the flight told Daegu MBC when a man in his 30s opened the emergency door about 250 meters above the ground on April 26. “The flight attendants먹튀검증 were completely frightened and sat there in a state of despair,” he said. Public opinion has since shifted to criticizing the flight attendants and the airline, saying that they “neglected to manage the emergency door” and “the flight attendants were nowhere to be seen”. Some even raised the “uselessness” of female flight attendants.

However, the situation took a turn for the worse when a photo taken by an official at Daegu International Airport was released on the 28th. In what appears to be a situation after the suspect’s aunt (33) forced the emergency door open, a female flight attendant is clinging to the emergency door and blocking it with her body until the plane lands. She is seen scrambling to install a safety bar on the door to prevent further damage, including passengers falling out. The flight attendant, other crew members, and some passengers in the photo reportedly tried to subdue Lee to prevent further damage.

Photo by Daegu MBC

The situation took a turn for the worse when the photo was released. Since then, netizens have been particularly vocal in their criticism of A, who actually claimed that the flight attendant was staging the incident, as well as Daegu MBC, which aired A’s interview verbatim. As of the 29th, comments on Naver News about Daegu MBC’s interview with Mr. A include, “The flight attendant should have closed that door and MBC is broadcasting it as it is,” and “Don’t make a public uproar by confusing the citizens.”

Earlier, on March 26, a passenger on board an Asiana Airlines flight from Jeju Airport to Daegu Airport went on a rampage, opening the emergency exit door and hanging onto the wall just before landing, causing passengers to panic until the moment of landing. Nine of them were treated at a hospital for symptoms such as breathing difficulties.

Police arrested Lee on suspicion of violating the Aviation Security Act and applied for an arrest warrant. On March 28, Deputy Chief Judge Choi Joong-hwan of the Daegu District Court issued the arrest warrant, saying, “There is a risk of escape.” “I wanted to get off the plane quickly,” Lee said in court, adding, “I’m so sorry for the children (on the plane).”

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