Corona is over, but it’s not the end of the outdoor stock… The revival of Thor Industries in the US

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Thor , the most popular god in Norse mythology, is pronounced ‘Sor’ in Old Norse and ‘Thor’ in Latin. He is also famous as a character in the American comics company Marvel Comics’ superhero series. The English Thursday ( Thursday ) is also known to have originated from Thor’s day .

Recently, in the US stock market, the stock price of a Nasdaq-listed company with Thor as its trade name soared. THO (So) Le Industries (ticker: THO ) is a representative American recreational camper ( RV ‧ Recreational Vehicle ) company. It is headquartered in Elhart, Indiana, and has a number of RV brands such as Airstream, Heartland, and Living Light. On the 6th (local time), the stock price soared 17.67% from the previous trading day and closed at $93.15. The reason was the ‘earnings surprise’, in which earnings were significantly better than market expectations. On the 9th, it closed at $93.47.

In an earnings call for the third quarter of fiscal 2023 on Thursday,안전놀이터 Thor Industries reported earnings per share ( EPS ) of $2.24, which was close to doubling analyst expectations. Of course, sales ( revenue ) decreased by 37.1% from the same period last year to only $ 2,928.8 million, but sales in the European RV sector increased by 19.7% from the same period last year. Market Beat

, a media specializing in investment, said, ‘Lightning strikes Thor Industry again ( Lightning Strikes For Thor Industries , Again ) states that “while earnings declined, the decline was smaller than expected and much higher than 2019 levels,” suggesting that the share price surged because the decline in earnings was smaller than expected and cash flow remained sound. Analyzed. As Thor Industries’ share price rose , so did

its rival, Winnebago Industries (ticker: WGO ). On the 6th, it rose 9.39% from the previous trading day. The closing price on May 31 was $55.64, but on the 9th it rose to $65.63. This is a 17.9% ($9.99) increase this month alone. Winnebago Industries is scheduled to report third quarter results for fiscal year 2023 on the 21st.

The announcement of earnings by Thor Industries, an American outdoor company, and the rebound in stock prices in related industries have many implications for stock investors at home and abroad. Companies that seem to have passed the fad are still making decent profits and recording stock returns that investors can’t ignore.

As the corona pandemic turned into an endemic, many companies that became fashionable during the pandemic and saw significant increases in sales or profits had many investors who thought they would no longer have a future. In addition, many investors left in pursuit of the new theme of China reopening (reopening the economy).

However, stock prices of reopening-related companies did not rise as much as investors expected. Although China’s zero-corona policy has ended, the reopening effect has diminished as the macroeconomic environment has deteriorated, such as slow demand recovery and rising youth unemployment.

However, as American outdoor companies, including Thor Industries, are showing, there are many places that are still surviving and seeking new ways out of all the industries and companies that experienced boom during the pandemic. At a time when stock prices of many companies that seemed to benefit greatly from reopening are slowing down, wouldn’t it be a good investment method to pay more attention to these companies?


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