Controversial YouTuber reveals face and name of ‘Busan back-kick’ perpetrator

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A year ago, another controversy erupted in Busan, South Korea토토사이트, when a man indiscriminately assaulted a woman in her 20s as she walked home. A YouTuber revealed the assailant’s face and name in a private broadcast, saying he wanted to share the victim’s pain, but there are those who say it was the victim’s wish.

Reporter Jung Jae-woo reports.


[YouTube’s ‘Caracula Detective Agency’: From now on, we will disclose the identity of the perpetrator of the ‘Busan Kick Don’t Ask’ assault case].

This is a video from a channel with about 740,000 subscribers.

The YouTuber revealed the face and name of the perpetrator of the ‘Busan Kick Back’ incident.

He also detailed his criminal record and what crimes he had committed in the past.

The YouTuber also included an interview with the victim, who said she wanted the perpetrator’s identity revealed.

[Victim of the ‘Busan Back Kick Case’ (YouTube ‘Caracula Detective Agency’): ‘I don’t want anyone else to be victimized’ is the biggest sentiment of the victims to disclose their identities…]

However, the prosecution had previously refused to accept the request to release their identities because the case was on trial.

The video, which was released three days ago, has already received more than 4.6 million views.

It is strictly illegal to disclose the identity of individuals who are not part of the investigation.

[YouTube’s ‘Caracula Detective Agency’: Releasing a person’s identity without their consent is an act of private sanction that crosses the line as a YouTuber].

YouTube informed me that they had received a complaint that the video violated my privacy.

It then reportedly sent an email saying it would consider whether to restrict the content within 48 hours.

While some have defended the YouTuber, saying it was necessary for the online community and others, many have pointed out that this is not something an individual should do.

The man was sentenced to 12 years in prison at first instance, but traces of his sexual offences were later found and prosecutors sought 35 years in prison on appeal for attempted rape and murder.

The sentencing hearing for the appeal is scheduled to take place on the 12th.


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