Consider renewing the foreign contract → Select the desired Japanese libero… A painting by Youngmin Kwon “Lee will help Thais”

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Iga will help Tais.”

KEPCO, led by coach Kwon Young-min토스카지노, selected Japanese libero Ryohei Iga as the second overall pick in the 2023 Korea Volleyball Federation (KOVO) Men’s Asian Quarter Tryout & Draft held at the Jeju Sun Hotel on the 27th.

KEPCO’s largest reinforcement position in this Asian Quarter Draft was Libero. There are potential liberos such as Jang Ji-won and Lee Ji-seok, but there was a bit of a distance to leave a full season.

Iga is a libero that will clear away the worries of KEPCO. It didn’t matter which team he was going to, his nomination seemed certain. He also accumulated experience by playing steadily at Panasonic in Japan’s V. League.

Manager Kwon Young-min, whom I met after the draft, said, “He is a good player. Jang Ji-won and Lee Ji-seok are still young. He has a shaky part. He is now considering re-signing with Thais, and he sees Thais as a libero who can help. I liked him, and if he melts well without difficulty, I think he will perform well. He has a wide range of defense and is good at fighting. He will do well,” he said.

Korean Air also prioritized the selection of Libero. However, as KEPCO’s ball came out first, they were able to make a lucky selection. Also, the achievement of Korean Air after KEPCO came out, so the thrill was greater.

Director Kwon Young-min said, “It was better because it was a difference,” and “Actually, it wasn’t that there were no worries. Even before coming, Bairra and Lee were thinking about the players. But he made up his mind to do what he thought,” he smiled.

Regarding the comparison with the remaining 6 clubs’ libero players, he said, “Isn’t it my player now, my player will do the best. A lot of experience. Park Kyung-min (Hyundai Capital) and Jung Min-soo (KB Insurance) are also doing well. However, it is more important to melt into the team rather than compare. Then (Seo) Jae-deok and (Lim) Seong-jin will be comfortable. (Lee) Simon will be discharged soon. Receive thinks he will be better than last year.”

skills are outstanding But will they beat the existing libero Jang Ji-won and Lee Ji-seok to become the starting lineup? This is not it. They are not given a starting position just because they are outsiders. must compete on an equal footing.

Director Kwon Young-min said, “We have to compete in good faith. If there is something the players can learn from Lee Ga, I hope they learn and compete in good faith.”

Finally, Director Kwon said, “I hope Lee Ga is good and popular. After the draft was over, I asked, ‘How long do you want to stay?’ and he said he wanted to stay for a long time. I hope you do well,” he said with anticipation.


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