Chinese couple who abandoned the body of ‘BJ Ah-yeong’ in Cambodia… charges of murder and torture

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A Korean couple in their 30s (Internet broadcasting name ‘ BJ Ah-young’)토토사이트 was found dead in Cambodia, and a Chinese couple who abandoned the body were charged with murder accompanied by torture. According to AFP

on the 14th , Cambodian prosecutors announced that they had prosecuted a Chinese couple in their 30s who were running a hospital for the murder of Korean Byun (33). On the 6th, Mr. Byun was found dead wrapped in red cloth in a puddle in a village in Kandal Province, near Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Local police arrested a Chinese couple, Lai Wenxiao, 30, and Kai Huijuan, 39, for abandoning the body. The couple stated that they had abandoned the body when Mr. Byun, who visited their hospital on the 4th, suddenly suffered a seizure and died while receiving a saline solution named ‘Seongri Yansu’. However, when her body was found, Byeon’s face was severely swollen and there were eyewitness accounts that showed signs of beatings such as bruises, and some argued that she had been assaulted. Among them, the Cambodian prosecutor’s office applied the charge of “murder accompanied by torture” to the Chinese couple. If convicted, he could face life in prison, AFP reported.


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