“Cheer for the challenge of rival and friend Yerim”… Lee Yoon-jung, who has a heavy shoulder, the rookie of the year → championship setter → what next?

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“I have my next goal.”

Korea Expressway Corporation setter Lee Yoon-jeong (26) is a player with an extraordinary career. After graduating from Suwon Jeonsan Girls’ High School (now Hanbom High School), instead of participating in the rookie draft, he went to the unemployment team Suwon City Hall and played for five years.

Later, Lee Yoon-jung, who was nominated for the road construction through the 2021 rookie draft, became the main character of the rookie king of that season. He is the first used rookie of the year in V-League history. In addition, Lee Yoon-jung was the main setter for Korea Expressway Corporation, the first reverse sweep winning team in the V-League last season. They are changing the history of the V-League one by one.먹튀검증

Lee Yoon-jung, whom we met on the 22nd at the Korea Expressway Corporation practice gym located in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, said, “By the time you feel something, the coach will say, ‘Yoon Jeong-ah, wake up. He says the next season is more important’ (laughs). He always reminds me of it, so there is no time to realize it.” But fortunately, good things happened one after another. I feel good,” he smiled.

In the next season, Lee Yoon-jung’s shoulders will be heavy. This is because Ahn Ye-rim, who worked together, left for KGC Ginseng Corporation through a trade. Last season, two players were in charge of the road construction setter. We talked a lot with each other and relied on the hard training to endure. When Ahn Ye-rim left on the 22nd, Lee Yoon-jung shed tears.

Lee Yoon-jung said, “Our team’s setter training is really difficult compared to other teams. Coaches always say that the setter position is important. As important as it is, Yerim and I talked a lot. They were rivals, but they were like friends. I feel a little like that, but I want to support Yerim’s new challenge.”

There are other changes to the team as well. Main gun Park Jung-ah and veteran middle blocker Jeong Dae-young left for Pepper Savings Bank and GS Caltex through free agency (FA) transfers, respectively.

He said, “As Jung-ah and Dae-young left, they said that their height and attack became weaker. New players are the axis and are trying to show various plays and confident plays,” he said. Banya Bukirich, the newcomer, is also a tall friend, so if you save the height of the ball well, he will hit them all, so I look forward to it.”

“Of course, since I really liked Junga unnie’s aggressive part, there can’t be a gap. However, the manager also believes that we cover our weaknesses with defense and receiving. If good results come out in receiving, I think good results will come out in attack as well.”

My goal for the upcoming season is to put my name on the league’s BEST7 setter division.

He said, “I want to receive the best setter award. To do that, the set success rate has to go up,” he said. “I was confident in the first year, but I think I did it without knowing it. The second year season was a time to get used to the league. It’s been 3 years now, but my mindset is different again. Even though the ball is always touched, the feeling is always different. I think this season is really important. I want to finish well without injury.”

After graduating from high school, I spent 5 years in the business team. Some may say that 5 years is not a waste of time, but the 5 years Lee Yoon-jung spent there was a precious time.

Lee Yoon-jung said, “Of course, there are more things to learn from the pros. “I learn a lot in detail in the pros,” he said. “But there are plenty of things to learn from the business team as well. In my case, the director of Suwon City Hall (Kang Min-sik) was a setter, so he taught me a lot. It was a time when I learned a lot of things I didn’t know well. Even now, when I contact him, he is proud of me. You seem to have a sense of pride that you raised me,” he laughed.


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