‘Carelessness → Defeat’ Croatia, will the match against Turkey be different?

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 Croatia, who missed the victory by allowing Wales a theater goal in the second half of extra time, will meet Turkey, who is ranked first in the group.

On the 29th at 3:45 am (Korean time)카지노사이트 at the Metropolitan Municipal Stadium in Bursa, Turkey, the second round of the Euro 2024 qualifier will be held between Turkey and Croatia.

Turkey scored three goals in the match against Armenia on the 26th and won 2-1.

Former Liverpool defender Ozan Kabak made a huge mistake, scoring an own goal just 10 minutes after he perfectly pushed an opponent’s cross into his own net.

However, in the 33rd minute of the first half, Orkun Koku scored a mid-range goal between the three defenders, and in the 18th minute of the second half, Kerem Aktürkolu’s sprint goal, which broke the opponent’s offside trap with overwhelming momentary speed, was enough to prove Turkey’s offensive power.

Croatia are trying to make up for their draw in the last round against Wales, which ended in a virtual defeat.

In the second half of extra time when the team was leading 1-0, even Modric, the captain of the team, high-fived with the players and hoped for an easy victory, but Nathan Broadhead rushed in after Wales’ long throw-in, which took the last chance to attack, allowed the equalizer.

Because of this, Croatia had to accept an unexpected result in the first match of the group stage. Perhaps, it was put in a position where it had to start at a disadvantage in the competition for the round of 16 in Group D, which could be divided by 1 point.

As the two teams faced opponents of different levels, it is impossible to make hasty predictions. However, it is true that attention is focused on Croatia, which recorded ‘World Cup runner-up – 3rd place’. The problem left for Croatia can be called ‘carelessness’ as in the last game.


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