“Busan return kicker, this is his face” YouTuber reveals new identity… Private sanctions controversy

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Video of the perpetrator’s identifying information such as name, face, and age posted

‘Caracula Detective Agency’, a YouTuber that covers incidents먹튀검증 and accidents, posted a video with the identification information of the perpetrator of the Busan kicking incident on the 2nd. The video revealed the perpetrator’s photo, name, date of birth, height, blood type, and criminal record.

“I was constantly wondering whether it was appropriate for a private YouTube channel, which is not a state agency, to disclose the perpetrator’s identity,” said Caracula. “If I disclose the perpetrator’s identity without following due process, I could be punished for ‘factual defamation,'” he added.

“The victim wants to reveal the identity of the perpetrator,” he said, “and when I saw the victim’s fear of retaliatory crimes, I concluded that I, as a YouTuber, could share her pain by revealing her identity.”

Netizens supportive, but private sanctions potentially illegal

After the video was released, the online community expressed support for the victim’s release, but there are also concerns about private sanctions.

The police and prosecutors are required to release identifying information in certain violent crime cases where the means of the crime were brutal and caused serious damage, or when it is in the public interest, such as ensuring the public’s right to know, preventing the suspect from reoffending, and preventing crime. In order to protect human rights and prevent abuse, we closely examine the relevant regulations to determine whether to disclose a person’s identity.

In this regard, Caracula’s disclosure of Mr. A’s personal information is likely to be an illegal act.

According to News1, Caracula said, “YouTube sent me an email saying that if I don’t modify or take down the video within 48 hours, they will impose sanctions.” “I’m thinking about what to do with the video,” he said.

The “Busan Kick” incident occurred in May last year when a man in his 30s kicked a woman in her 20s in Busan, South Korea. The man was sentenced to 12 years in prison by the first instance court in October last year for attempted murder. On appeal, the prosecution changed the charge from attempted murder to attempted rape and murder and sought 35 years in prison.


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