Bus driver “I forgot to doze off”… Middle School School Trip Bus ‘Kwang Kwang’

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Seven vehicles, including three school trip buses carrying middle school students토토사이트, collided one after another, resulting in an accident in which 80 people, including students and drivers, were injured. The first bus driver who caused the accident told the police that he was ‘forgotten’.

This is reporter Mo Jae-seong of G1 News.


A road near Donghongcheon Interchange.

An oncoming bus crashes into a bus that was slowing down to wait for a traffic light.

The bus that caused the crash skids backwards and comes to a halt.

[Park Soon-poong/tour bus driver: (the car behind) hit the car next to me, and the car next to me hit my car. That’s how it happened.]

The accident happened around 1:27 pm.

Following the first collision, the crashed bus was pushed forward, and a total of seven vehicles, including a bus, a car, and a truck in front, were sequentially collided.

[This is the scene of the accident. The windshield is all broken, and the bumper is also dented. The driver of the bus was taken to the hospital with serious chest and back injuries.]

There were 72 students from a middle school in Seoul on three tour buses, and they were on their way home from a camp in Inje.

80 people suffered major and minor injuries in this accident.

Two students and one driver were classified as seriously injured.

[Tourist bus driver A: (The driver of the accident) got caught in the steering wheel and couldn’t get his leg out, so now… .]

Coincidentally, the middle school where the accident occurred two days ago also had an accident in Gangneung while students from other grades were on a school trip, and five people were lightly injured.

The police are investigating the exact cause of the accident based on the bus driver’s statement that he “forgot to doze off”.


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