‘Boy in Luv’ Trucks Popular in the U.S., Japanese Mini Trucks

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Farmer Jake Morgan, who lives outside Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, found a truck to navigate the interior of his vast farm. At first, I searched through YouTube videos with the bulky off-road utility vehicle in mind. Then he accidentally saw a comment saying, “The mini truck is usable.” He immediately searched for a mini truck, and drove all the way to Virginia to purchase a 1997 Japanese Honda mini truck Acty . The total cost of the purchase was $2000 (approximately 2.7 million won). Acti, which is only 1395 mm wide토스카지노, easily passed through narrow roads in the farm. He praised The Economist as “incredibly useful.”

In the United States, where large pickup trucks with large bodies are lined up, so-called ‘kei trucks ‘ , small and old Japanese-made trucks, are gaining popularity. In Japan, small cars are called ‘Keika’, and Kei truck means a mini truck made in Japan. You can think of GM Korea ‘s Labo, which was marketed in Korea in the past .

K-Trucks are not imported into the United States as official new cars. There is no airbag on the ‘right-hand drive’, which violates the US Imported Vehicle Safety Compliance Act. However, this law does not apply exceptionally to vehicles older than 25 years. Importers are taking advantage of these exceptions for ‘old car’ maniacs and bringing in K-trucks that are more than 25 years old from Japan.

Although you have to endure the inconvenience of ‘right-hand drive’, word of mouth spread that it is useful, and companies that specialize in bringing in K-trucks have also appeared. A New Jersey-based company called Boeki USA imports and sells mini trucks such as Honda’s Acti, Suzuki’s Carry, and Subaru’s Samba. Todd Gato, who runs a truck dealership in New York State, has sold more than 300 K-trucks over the years. Customers ranged from farmers to builders to theme park companies.

Because it is not a new officially imported car, it is not easy to obtain parts for K-Truck. Then, a company appeared that provided a service to procure parts and ship them to various parts of the United States. A company called ‘ US Mini Truck’ in Colorado not only sells K-truck parts, but also provides advice on maintenance.

A K-truck converted into a 6-wheel drive driving on rough terrain/ ‘Grind Hard Plumbing Co’ YouTube

One of the reasons why the small and old K-Truck is popular is that it can only be ridden by two people, and its low price is attractive. News Nation, an American broadcasting channel, said, “Unlike large American pickup trucks that cost tens of thousands of dollars, K-trucks cost an average of $4,500.” The vehicle body is small and light, and the fuel efficiency is excellent, and the structure is simple and maintenance is easy. Another attractive point is that it is useful on narrow roads in the city thanks to its small body. In the case of a K-truck with a four-wheel drive system, it is possible to travel on unpaved roads without hesitation.

In addition to being practical, it is also a popular factor that it is used as a ‘boy’s hobby toy’. There are many videos on YouTube of Americans remodeling K-trucks into campers and playing around. Videos such as increasing the number of wheels to six or running on snowy roads by installing endless tracks instead of wheels are recording hundreds of thousands of views. The Economist said, “However, there are concerns that the K-truck (small body) may not be safe on the highway.” Subscribe to the


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