‘Black Rose’ returns to his old team… or not? Chicago expresses interest in Derrick Rose

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Could Rose be back in a Chicago uniform?

According to local media outlet HoopsHype토토사이트, “The Chicago Bulls are one of the teams that will be targeting free agent Derrick Rose this summer.”

Rose had the worst season of his career this season, averaging 5.6 points and 1.7 assists in 12.5 minutes in 27 games. Injuries were a factor, but the biggest reason for Rose’s lack of playing time was a decline in form. Rose’s game has declined significantly since last season, and he’s seen his minutes dwindle in favour of younger, more athletic players like New York’s Miles McBride and Quinton Grimes.

Despite his lack of playing time, Rose played an important role for New York. He’s been a mentor to the younger players and has brought a lot of energy to the locker room.

New York has a $15.6 million team option on Rose for next season. A team option is a player’s option to stay with the team if the team wants to exercise it, or to opt out of the contract and become a free agent if the team does not.

With last offseason’s acquisition, Jaylen Brunson, established as the team’s ace, and prospects such as Grimes and McBride, it seems unlikely that New York will be able to pick up Rose, who has become a non-factor.

Rose’s return to Chicago is timely in many ways. After missing the playoffs this season, the Bulls are in need of a turnaround. With Lonzo Ball, the team’s leading guard, injured with no timetable for his return, the Bulls need someone to provide balance between their two aces in Zach LaVine and Dermar Drozan. While his scoring prowess is gone, the veteran’s experience is hard to ignore.

Rose was a franchise star in his own right, born and raised in Chicago. In Chicago, Rose played eight seasons and won an MVP award, catapulting him to superstardom. Even when he left Chicago, the fans always gave him a rousing welcome when he visited the city as an opposing team.

Next season, it will be interesting to see if the romance of Rose’s return to Chicago will be fulfilled.


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