Big fire in the Philippines ‘100-year landmark’… Another eruption in Sicily

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A huge fire broke out at the Manila Central Post Office in the Philippines, which was built nearly 100 years ago, and was put out within 7 hours.

Volcanic activity has resumed in Sicily, Italy토토사이트.

Reporter Hwang Bo-yeon reports.

A building with impressive tall round pillars was engulfed in red flames.

The sound of fiercely devouring the building is also clearly audible.

Black smoke billows incessantly from the top of the building.

This is the Central Post Office in Manila, Philippines, which has been built for nearly 100 years.

The fire started in the basement around 11:30 p.m.

[Christine Tula / Manila Fire Chief: The fire started in the basement of the Postal Service office. Because it was an enclosed space, it spread quickly and the heat was also sealed.]

Local fire authorities said that the entire building burned from the basement to the 5th floor.

He also said that it is highly likely that letters and parcels stored at the post office were lost.

There are several offices in the building, but it is said that not many people were staying when the fire broke out.

[Christine Tula / Manila Fire Chief: Based on the formula used to calculate the amount of damage, the estimated amount of damage is about $5.3 million when considering the area.] This is a

parking lot near Mount Etna on Sicily, Italy.

Volcanic ash clung to all over the vehicle.

Roads and fences are also messed up.

Another volcanic eruption occurred at the top of the mountain.

[Massimo Padalino / Mount Etna Travel Agency Employee: The volcanic ash is long and about 3-4 cm thick, but fortunately it is light.]

Loud explosions were heard nearby, but no injuries were reported.

The nearby airport is closed for the time being.

Local authorities believe that the volcanic activity of Mount Etna, which was active two years ago, has calmed down for a while and has recently resumed activity.

This is YTN Hwang Bo-yeon.


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