Batting average 0.181 → 0.452 ‘jumping’… Park Chan-ho “I burned inside”

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KIA Tigers’ main shortstop Park Chan-ho (28) succeeded in rebounding in May. He credits it with relieving wrist pain.

Park Chan-ho, who established himself as KIA’s main shortstop in 2019, had a career-high season last year with a batting average of 0.272, 4 homers, 45 RBIs, 42 stolen bases and 81 points. Last year, the king of stolen bases also belonged to Park Chan-ho.

In the 2023 season, he was expected토스카지노 to play a leading role in the attack in the KIA lineup, but Park Chan-ho was sluggish in the aftermath of wrist pain at the beginning of the 2023 season. He stayed with a batting average of 0.181 (13 hits in 72 at-bats) in 23 games he played last month.

Park Chan-ho, who continued his sluggish performance, succeeded in rebounding this month. In the nine games he played in May, his batting average reached 0.452 (14 hits in 31 at-bats). In the match against SSG Landers on the 9th and 11th of this month, he boasted a good hitting feeling with 7 hits in 11 at-bats.

In the match against Samsung Lions in Daegu on the 16th, Park contributed to an 8-2 victory with 2 hits, 1 RBI and 1 run in 4 at-bats.

Park Chan-ho, who scored a heavy hit with 2 out and 1 base in the top of the 2nd inning, struck a timely hit to the left field from 1 out, 1st and 2nd base in the top of the 7th inning when KIA fell 1-2. Afterwards, KIA scored 6 more points and won a come-from-behind victory.

Park’s bat came to life while reducing his wrist pain.

Kim Jong-guk, coach of the KIA, said, “The injured area improved through reinforcement training on the wrist, and the overall batting balance improved.” is stable,” he said.

Park Chan-ho said, “My poor wrist in April had a psychological effect. It was difficult to swing more than once, so I had the burden of having to finish it with one ball.” It’s a going style, but I couldn’t even try that kind of play at all. I thought I had to watch the ball more, and I hesitated.”

Park Chan-ho, who said that his wrist pain hindered his daily life last month, said, “I was confident that I could do well as long as it didn’t hurt. However, it was difficult to start swinging because my wrist hurt, so I was upset.”

Park Chan-ho explained, “As I relieved my wrist pain, my bat speed increased a lot. I was able to play the games I used to play,” and explained, “I regained my confidence while easing the burden on my wrist pain, and a virtuous cycle was created.”

Due to his poor physical condition, the sluggishness lasted for a long time and his insides burned. Still, I was able to laugh thanks to the team’s good record of 12 wins and 11 losses during the month of April.

Park Chan-ho looked back and said, “I had a lot of trouble because my grades weren’t good in the aftermath of the pain. At least because the team’s performance was good, I was able to laugh on the outside, but inside I was rotten.”

Coincidentally, this month when Park Chan-ho came back to life, KIA stagnated with 3 wins and 6 losses. Park Chan-ho said, “I’m doing well, but the team’s performance is the opposite. So I can’t just smile.”

His wrist pain has not completely improved. We are minimizing it with reinforcement exercises and taping.

Park Chan-ho said, “It’s not an injury that gets better if you don’t play. It’s hard to get completely healed unless you get surgery,” and expressed his gratitude, saying, “The pain got better while finding an effective taping method in the training part.”

Park Chan-ho explains that it can get better with surgery, but it is still too early. Park Chan-ho, who emphasizes ‘consistency’, has the idea that he will never undergo surgery during the season.

Park Chan-ho, who played more than 1,100 innings as a shortstop from 2020 to last year, said, “That is my only pride. Even if there are ups and downs, it is important not to leave the seat and keep it unchanged.”

Park Chan-ho said, “I just hope that the wrist pain does not get worse and endures throughout the season. As always, my goal is to spend a better season than last year while playing healthily and consistently.”


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