Ansan City Hall Kim Gyeong-tae, 110mH unemployed athletics ‘2 consecutive wins’

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Kim Gyeong-tae (Ansan City Hall), the strongest 110m hurdles, won the 2023 Amazing Iksan KTFL National Unemployment Track and Field Championships, the first event of the season, with a new record and won two gold medals with two consecutive victories.

Kim Gyeong-tae, who won 9 gold medals in the national competition last year, soloed from the first hurdle in the men’s 110m hurdles final on the first day of the competition held at the Iksan Sports Complex in Jeonbuk on the 29th, and won with Kim Byeong-joon (Changwon City Hall, 14.24 seconds) and Son Woo with a new tournament record of 14 seconds 01. (카지노사이트Gyeongsan City Hall, 14 seconds and 31 seconds) easily and finished in first place.

Kim Gyeong-tae set a record of 14.06 seconds in the preliminaries held this morning by 0.03 seconds earlier than he set last year (14.09 seconds), and started the season in a good mood by breaking the record again in the finals.

Following this, Kim Gyeong-tae became the first runner in the 400m relay final, which was followed by Lee Jun-hyeok, Choi Chang-eui, and Biwesa Daniel Gasama, and contributed to the victory of his team, Ansan City Hall, beating Seocheon-gun Office (40.95) in 40.40 seconds, winning two gold medals. done.

In a phone call with Dong-A Ilbo after winning the championship, Kim Kyung-tae said, “The start went well and my physical condition was good. He aimed for my best time of 13.87, which is somewhat disappointing. As it is the first tournament of the season, he will raise the record without overdoing it so that he can set the highest record in the representative selection for the Hangzhou Asian Games in May.”

In addition, in the women’s 100m final, Kim Da-eun (Gapyeong-gun Office) set a personal best of 11.95, winning the gold medal ahead of Lee Min-jeong (Siheung City Hall, 12.06. As the last runner of the West team, Gapyeong County Office took the lead in winning the come-from-behind victory over Siheung City Hall (47 seconds 09) in 46 seconds 98 and added a gold medal.

In the men’s 400m final, Kim Ui-yeon (Pocheon City Hall) won the championship with a time of 47.08, ahead of Choi Min-gi (47.46) and Choi Dong-baek (Gwacheon City Hall, 47.95), and in the women’s 400m, Ha Je-yeong (Anyang City Hall), a rookie unemployed, finished in 57 seconds. With 56, she won a surprise victory on her debut stage, beating Kim Min-ji (Jincheon County Office, 58 seconds and 43 seconds) and Shin Hyun-jin (Pohang City Hall, 58 seconds and 58 seconds).

Meanwhile, at the 78th National Collegiate Athletics Championships held together at the same venue, Kim Han-song (Inha University) finished first with a time of 12.65 seconds ahead of Lee Jae-in Lee (Kangwon National University, 12.76 seconds) in the women’s 100m, and Jang Jun (Sungkyunkwan University) and Jang Jun (Sungkyunkwan University) in the men’s and women’s 400m races. Kim Jin-young (Inha University) won the silver medal with times of 48.43 seconds and 58.46 seconds, respectively.

In addition, in the women’s 1,500m event, Nambo Hana (Paju City Hall) finished runner-up with a time of 4:33:49, men’s 100m Biwesa (Ansan City Hall, 10:63), high jump Kim Ju-ju (Goyang City Hall, 2m05), and Jeong Ye-rim in the women’s two-won class. (Gwacheon City Hall, 52m11) took third place.


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