‘Ankle surgery’ Woods not participating in the PGA Championship… LIV golf 18 participants

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Golf emperor’ Tiger Woods, who recently underwent ankle surgery, will not attend the PGA Championship, a major tournament as expected.

On the 11th (Korean time), the US토토사이트 Professional Golf Association released the list of players participating in the PGA Championship, but Woods’ name was omitted. Woods announced on his SNS on the 20th of last month that he had undergone ankle surgery. In the US, it was predicted that Woods’ return this year would be difficult.

In 2021, Woods seriously injured his right leg and back in an accident in which his vehicle overturned, so he focused on rehabilitation and treatment for over a year. He also competed in the Genesis Invitational last February and the Masters last month.

However, Woods, who had a problem with his legs, could not perform at his full potential. Eventually, Woods underwent surgery at a New York hospital.

In this year’s PGA Championship, 99 players among the world’s top 100 players, excluding Will Jaratoris, who suffered an injury, will participate. With 18 players from LIV Golf also taking part, attention is drawn to the pride match between the PGA Tour and LIV Golf following the Masters last month.

Among Korean players, 2009 PGA Championship winner Yang Yong-eun, Lim Seong-jae, Kim Si-woo, Lee Kyung-hoon and Kim Joo-hyung are scheduled to participate.

The PGA Championship will be held at Oak Hill Country Club in Pittsford, New York, USA from the 19th.


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