Also, after a crisis, winning streak…KIA’s persistent instinct for survival finally found confidence.

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KIA has been experiencing several consecutive losses and wins this season. When the mood settles down due to a losing streak or something to worry about, strangely enough, it immediately switches to a winning streak and the atmosphere changes.

After the longest 5 consecutive losses in the first half (from SSG on May 10 to Doosan on May 14), they met Samsung and Kiwoom and achieved 4 consecutive wins, and from the NC game on June 17 to the LG game on July 2, they recorded 3 wins, 1 draw, and 8 losses in 12 games. While the team was in a constant decline, they changed the mood by deciding to replace two foreign pitchers at once, and then went on to win 6 games in a row.

Although there are many ups and downs in the pattern of consecutive wins followed by consecutive losses, KIA, which has consistently maintained a winning percentage of around 50%, is currently on a winning streak amidst a mound crisis. They had 8 consecutive wins until the SSG match on the 3rd.

KIA has recently faced a serious crisis on the mound. Yang Hyun-jong returned after being excluded from the entry due to poor performance, and around that time, Lee Ui-ri was also excluded from the entry due to slight pain in his shoulder. When it was time for Lee Ui-ri to prepare for his return, foreign pitcher Mario Sanchez left the team due to elbow pain. Sanchez has been diagnosed for four weeks.

Sanchez’s departure was a decisive blow to calm the KIA atmosphere. This is because KIA’s September calculations, which have an arduous remaining schedule, will be very difficult due to gaps in the starting lineup and the largest number of cancellations due to rain. However, KIA is continuing its winning streak with explosive blows after that. KIA, which excluded Sanchez from the entry on August 28, when it was in the middle of a 4-game winning streak, has since added 4 wins and won 8 games in a row. In the meantime, 2 games were canceled due to rain, so the game interval became irregular, but the batting line exploded and scored 71 points in 8 games. During this period, he has a rather outstanding record with a pitcher’s ERA of 2.75. The returning Hyeonjong Yang, Youngcheol Yoon, and Panoni pitched well.

KIA outfielders Lee Chang-jin, Socrates, and Na Seong-beom (from left) are celebrating after confirming their 8th consecutive win with a win against SSG on the 3rd. Provided by KIA Tigers

KIA, which seemed like it was about to collapse quickly, is getting back on its feet through this winning streak. It rose to 4th place four months after May 9, which was at the beginning of the season. Although we are still fighting for the top 5, there is not much of a gap with the top tier, so we are now in a position where we could have completely different results depending on our performance in the remainder of September.

The biggest change that KIA sees as they repeat consecutive wins after consecutive losses is their confidence. Recently, KIA hitters are unanimously saying, “When playing a game, even if we are behind, I don’t really feel like we are going to lose.” Kim Do-young, the youngest member who hit a wedge home run against SSG on the 3rd, also said, “I think the momentum is scary. We talk a lot during the game. “No one in particular said that, but everyone said to each other, ‘It doesn’t look like we’re going to lose,’” he said. Confidence is your greatest weapon in competition.메이저사이트

KIA ranked high in team batting indicators throughout this season, but was weak in crises at the beginning of the season. He lost concentration when it was crucial, so he got on base well, but left a lot of bases on. However, the players found confidence in the process of not collapsing even after going through many hardships. The result is a batting line that explodes like a powder keg, regardless of the batting order. Since August, KIA is the only team batting average of 30% or higher with 0.316. The batting average in scoring position, which remained high at 0.275 until July, has been overwhelming at 0.385 since August.

By holding on, KIA had an opportunity in the second half of the season. We are preparing to focus on the September race, which is awaited by major variables such as the Asian Games and irregular schedules. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk said, “Although the team’s ‘up and downs’ are severe, it seems that we have gained the strength to overcome the crisis through teamwork centered on the batting lineup.” He added, “I will not attach significance to the rankings for now. You have to win as much as you can when you can win. We include (in the calculation) even the period of the Asian Games, not before the Asian Games,” he said.


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