A police officer who spills his handcuffs and even his identification card… “Criminal Concerns”

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It has been found that police officers belonging to the Jeonbuk Provincial Police Agency are constantly losing items that prove their identity, such as identification cards and badges. While the number of lost cases is increasing every year, 12 have already been lost in the past three months this year.

It is pointed out that some police officers even lose handcuffs, a device used to subdue criminals, creating a possibility of being abused for crimes.

According to the Jeonbuk Police Agency on the 21st토스카지노, the Jeonbuk Police Department has lost 71 police officer cards and 63 badges over the past three years.

The number of lost ID cards by year is increasing year by year, with 8 in 2020, 23 in 2021, and 28 in 2022. In the three months of this year, 12 are expected to be lost, exceeding the number of lost cases in the previous year.

A police officer’s ID card or badge is an item that proves the status of a police officer, so it is highly likely to be used for criminal abuse. In fact, people impersonating police officers are frequently caught at crackdown sites, so thorough management is required, but it turns out that storage has been neglected.

The Jeonbuk Police Agency recently investigated two police officers who lost their identification cards in Gunsan and Namwon, but all of them concluded their inspections with caution.

During the same period, the Jeonbuk Police also lost 18 handcuffs. Compared to the past, the frequency of use has decreased in terms of human rights protection, but it seems difficult to avoid criticism of negligence as it is a device to subdue criminal suspects such as vicious criminals.

It is to the point where it is considered fortunate that no lethal weapons such as electroshock weapons or live ammunition were lost.

The Jeonbuk Police Agency announced that it would conduct more thorough education to prevent the loss of items given to police officers.

An official from the Jeonbuk Police Agency said, “We found that some police officers lost their identification cards in the process of moving or moving departments.”


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