“A missing woman in Gangneung found on an island in Japan”… DNA ‘99% match’

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A woman in her 50s who went missing in Gangneung in 2021 was found dead after two years on an island in Japan, 420 km away.

According to the Donghae Maritime Police Station on the 20th, the body of Mr. A 토토사이트(50s), who went missing at Solbaram Bridge in Namhangjin, Gangneung in July 2021, was recently found on Okinoshima Island in Shimane Prefecture, Japan.

Previously, Mr. A went missing after falling from Solbaram Bridge in Namhangjin, Gangneung, at around 8:44 pm on July 4, 2021. At that time, in order to find Mr. A, the Donghae Coast Guard Gangneung Police Station, Donghae Special Rescue Team, fire and rescue workers, and police conducted a joint search, but were unable to find him. In response, the family of Mr. A appealed to the local social network service ( SNS

) to help the search for her, asking citizens visiting the Namhangjin area to shine a lantern to buy regret . However, in April, Japanese police requested DNA comparison through Interpol to South Korea to confirm the identity of the body found on Okinoshima Island , and the East Sea Coast Guard analyzed the DNA and confirmed that it was 99% identical to Mr. A. It is known that the bereaved family cremated the body of Mr. A in Japan on the 12th with the help of the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hiroshima, and then held a funeral in Korea.

Mr. A’s son “I held my mother’s funeral well”

On the 19th, Mr. A’s son, Mr. Jeong, posted an article in the Gangneung community to announce the news.

Mr. Jeong said, “My mother, who was found on an island in Japan, returned to Korea today after a long time.” ” he said.

At the same time, he said, “I gave you a good funeral so that you don’t feel lonely anymore and don’t be heartbroken.”

Meanwhile, Mr. B, a man in his 60s who had previously gone missing while fishing in Yangyang-gun, was found dead on a beach in Japan and returned to his family after 70 days.

Mr. B went missing on December 19 of last year while fishing on a 3.5-ton gillnet fishing boat about 18.5 km east of Naksan Port, Yangyang-gun. Afterwards, Mr. B’s body was found on the coast of Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan on February 13, two months after his disappearance.

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Sokcho Coast Guard, it is known that the DNA of Mr. B’s family was collected to determine the exact identity of the body.


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