“A idiot who doesn’t even know stocks…Exercise only in underwear” Hwang Chul-soon, clarification on suspicion of ‘stock price manipulation’ money laundering gym

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I’m an idiot who doesn’t even know stocks크크크벳.”

On the 3rd, ‘Jingman’ Hwang Chul-soon explained that the gym he runs was not used for ‘SG Securities stock price manipulation’.

He said, “I am an idiot who does not even know stocks, and I have never received an investment offer, and so far, no damage has been confirmed. I hope you understand that I am not in a position to give you any words or responsible explanations about things that are not related to exercise. revealed

In addition, Hwang Chul-soon said, “The gym I run is operated on a strict reservation system and outsiders are not allowed to enter. But three days ago, many reporters broke through. Today, I cooperated with the interview from 10:00 am, but it is giving a huge hindrance to business. If a female reporter comes and doesn’t keep order, I’ll work out wearing only underwear.”

Meanwhile, Hwang Chul-soon is a fitness player and sports trainer, and earned the nickname ‘Jingman’ by hitting the gong when the corner changes in tvN’s ‘Comedy Big League’. However, she got off the ground in 2016 due to an assault incident.

The reason why his gym is under suspicion is that it is known that recently, CEO Ra Deok-yeon of the stock price manipulation group admitted to using the famous YouTuber’s gym as a money laundering window for stock manipulation.


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