“A department store that won’t sell yukhoe and crab joints… This summer’s record-breaking heat emergency

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At the end of last month, convenience store CU recalled all of its own-brand “Fresh Cream Sticky Rice Cake” products. This is because the product was found to be adulterated during the store display process. A CU official explained, “The recent high temperatures have raised concerns about spoilage, so we preemptively recalled the product.”

There has been an emergency in the retail and food industry over food hygiene management in the summer. There are observations that this summer will be hotter than normal and rainy due to El Niño, with temperatures exceeding 30 degrees.

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According to the industry on the 4th, retail companies are significantly토토사이트 strengthening product management. Lotte Department Store reduced the display time of ready-to-eat meals, which are usually sold on the same day, to seven hours for refrigeration and four hours for room temperature. In July and August, it will stop selling foods containing unheated kimchi.

Lotte Mart will also limit the sale of ready-to-eat foods such as kimbap and sushi, which are vulnerable to high temperatures, to seven hours after cooking. Cut fruits, such as watermelon, must be sold within four hours.

Some stores will stop selling komak, yukhoe, and crab meat

Shinsegae Department Store will stop selling unheated ready-to-eat foods such as yukhoe, crab paste, and soybean broth by the end of August. The temperature of cheese and packaged meat will be checked frequently to ensure that it stays between 0 and 5 degrees, and lunch boxes and sashimi between 0 and 10 degrees.

E-Mart will replace work tools such as knives and cutting boards on a regular basis. Jeonju bibimbap and namul, which were previously sold for two days, will be sold on the same day.

Customers at E-Mart’s Yongsan store in Seoul look at Korean beef on the 2nd. E-mart is offering 40 percent off first-grade Korean beef sirloin and brisket for Meat Day (6 June) until 6 June. News1

GS Retail will randomly collect and inspect products at stores nationwide. GS The Fresh has reduced the time it can sell ready-to-eat food by three hours.

E-commerce companies that ship a lot are also taking extra care with packaging. Curly has increased the number of ice packs and is using paper pouches and additional packaging to maintain freshness. It has also shortened delivery times by deploying vehicles based on real-time order volumes.


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