A bowl of 60,000 won ‘Sea Cockroach’ Taiwanese ramen…I can’t sell it because I don’t have it.

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A Taiwanese restaurant has launched a deep-sea crustacean토토사이트 ramen nicknamed “cockroaches of the sea.

Ramen Boy, a restaurant in Taipei’s Liaoning Night Market, Taiwan, announced on social media sites Facebook and Instagram that it is offering a limited edition of deep-sea crustacean ramen, according to U.S. Asia specialist Nextshark on Nov. 23 (local time).

A Taiwanese restaurant is offering a limited edition of deep-sea crustacean ramen called “cockroach of the sea. [Photo source = ‘Ramen Boy’ Facebook].

“We’ve finally found our dream ingredient to add to our chicken broth-based white broth. “I admired the majestic deep-sea echinoderms at an aquarium in Japan, where I visited to look for food ingredients. They look so cute.”

“Their flesh tastes like lobster and crab,” he explains, “and their innards taste like sweet crab paste.”

According to the restaurant’s cooking method, the intestines are simmered with chicken broth, and the lean meat is boiled and served with noodles. The large shells of the deep-sea crustaceans are used as an eye-catching garnish.

This deep-sea crustacean ramen is expensive at 1480 yen (about $64,000) per bowl. Nevertheless, it will only be available to regulars who frequent the restaurant due to limited quantities.

On the other hand, deep-sea crustaceans are not found in Korean waters and are known to live in the Pacific and Indian oceans. It is said to live in cold and deep waters between 170 and 2140 meters.

It is known to survive by eating decayed fish carcasses like a cockroach, hence the nicknames ‘cockroach of the sea’ and ‘scavenger of the sea’.


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