6 consecutive strikes Park Geun-woo, top seed Hansol… Pro Bowling DSD Samho Cup Men’s and Women’s Division Winner

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Park Geun-woo (MK), the 2022 professional bowling season’s Most Valuable Player (MVP), and Hansol (Lord Field), who reached the finals as the top seed, took the top spot in the men’s and women’s division of the 25th DSD Samho Cup.카지노

Park Geun-woo advanced to the men’s final of the tournament held at Hwaseong Mind Bowling Alley in Gyeonggi-do on the 14th as the top seed and won the championship, defeating Lee Do-heon (DV8) 249-195.

Park Geun-woo showed off his overwhelming performance, recording 6 consecutive strikes starting from the 4th frame, and took the win early on.

Park Geun-woo, who won his first championship through the Sangju Dried Persimmon Cup in the 2021 season, lifted the fourth trophy in his personal career following the Yeongwol Cup and Yangsan Cup in the 2022 season.

Park Geun-woo, who won two trophies last year alone, swept all the prize money and first place in the points rankings of the Korea Professional Bowling Association in the 2022 season and even won MVP.

Hansol took the top spot in the women’s division of the Pro Bowling DSD Samho Cup. [Provided by Korea Professional Bowling Association]

In the women’s division, Hansol (Rodfield) stood at the top. This is the 8th win in his personal career.

Hansol, who reached the final as the top seed, defeated Choi Hyun-sook (P.N. Biu Chang), the women’s division’s most-record winner, 215-200, as she attempted to win her 13th title.

Choi Hyun-sook seemed to have taken the lead by recording her fourth straight strike, but she split twice in a row, giving her an excuse for a comeback.


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