44-44→50-47… ‘Back heart’ Cho Myung-woo, top of the 2023 National Billiards Competition ‘Good Shot’

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Cho Myung-woo (Seoul City Hall) defeated Kim Jin-yeol (Seoul Billiards Federation) at the 11th National Land Central Cup 2023 National Billiards Competition (hereafter referred to as the 2023 National Territory Central Cup)토토사이트 and reached the top of the first national competition of the new season.

On the night of the 22nd, Cho Myung-woo won the carom 3-cushion general men’s final held at the Youth Gymnasium in Yanggu-gun, Gangwon-do with an average of 2.083 / high run of 6 points and won 50-47 in 24 innings.

It was a treat. Jo Myung-woo seemed to be consolidating his victory by leading 39-33 until the first 18 innings of the second half, but allowed Kim Jin-yeol, who was challenging for his first national championship, to chase and allowed a 44-44 tie in the 22nd inning. However, after a bloody battle at the end, Jo Myung-wu finished the final ball with a power shot and secured the victory 50-47. .

After the match, Cho Myung-woo said, “I am even more happy because I won the first national championship this year. I feel good because he seemed to have played well like the finals,” he said. Cho Myung-woo also said, “This year, winning the World 3-Cushion Championships is my top priority. I will show you how to work hard.”

Meanwhile, in the women’s 3-cushion final, Jang Ga-yeon (Gyeongbuk Billiards Federation) defeated Lee Shin-yeong (Chungnam Billiards Federation) 25-21 to claim the championship. Jang Ga-yeon said, “The experience of winning once last year served as a strength for this tournament. I will show her a more mature side by increasing the amount of her practice.”


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