3rd launch of Nuriho D-2… Transport of the launch pad tomorrow morning

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The vehicle loading work to move the Korean launch vehicle먹튀검증 “Nuri-ho” to the launch pad was completed amid tension on the 22nd, two days before the third launch (scheduled for the 24th).

According to the Ministry of Science and ICT and the Korea Aerospace Research Institute on the 22nd, the Korea Aerospace Research Institute held a launch preparation committee at 5:00 p.m. concluded.

Accordingly, the Nuri will depart from the assembly building at 7:20 am on the 23rd and move to the launch pad.

On this day, workers carried out the work of moving the Nuri on top of an unmanned special mobile vehicle (transporter) in the launch vehicle assembly building. The unmanned special mobile vehicle is a piece of equipment that moves the Nuri to the launch pad 1.8 km away from the assembly building.

Authorities explained that the total assembly process, which had been carried out the day before, went smoothly.

Kim Ki-seok, head of the space technology department at the Ministry of Science and ICT, said, “So far, nothing unusual has been found, so we are proceeding according to the procedure.”

The Nuriho is a structural assembly building where a special vehicle is parked while the total assembly is completed in the new assembly building, which is a space deep inside among the assembly buildings divided into the new assembly building and the structural building. I was working on moving to

The Nuri-ho, which was at the deepest part of the assembly building, was moved to the front of the assembly building entrance, and then the Nuri-ho was put on a special vehicle.

As long as the Nuriho, which is 47.2m long and has a diameter of up to 3.5m and weighs only 17.5t on the 15th floor of an apartment building, must be carefully raised on top of the vehicle, Hang Woo-yeon explained that the work was carried out throughout the day.

Previously, the researchers and workers started working on connecting the third stage of the Nuri and the satellite in the satellite storage building of the Naro Space Center on the 8th, and then finished the third stage assembly by wrapping it with two fairings, which are satellite protection covers.

After the 3rd stage was moved to the assembly building where the 1st and 2nd stages were located on the 14th, mechanical and electrical merging of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd stages was carried out. I’ve finished the work of tightening the ends.

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