‘3 full-time’ Samsung Life Insurance, only 6 people digest training games… When will the injured return?

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Samsung Life Insurance, which had a limit on the number of people available, started the game with 6 people.

Yongin Samsung Life Insurance won 74-66 in a practice match against Japan’s Tokai held at the Yongin Samsung Training Center (STC) on the 15th.

Samsung Life Insurance played the game with 6 players. Kang Yoo-rim and Lee Hae-ran were selected for the women’s national basketball team, and Lim Gyu-ri was also selected for the 3×3 national team. In addition, Yoon Ye-bin, Lee Ju-yeon, and Bae Hye-yoon did not play due to injuries and management. Only Park Hye-mi, Kim Yu-sun, Shin I-seul, Jo Soo-ah, Kim Dan-bi, and Kim Na-yeon participated in the game.토토사이트

At the beginning of the game, Samsung Life Insurance scored easily against Tokai University, which was short in stature. Kim Yoo-sun and Jo Soo-ah took an outside shot and took care of the atmosphere. However, in the middle of the second quarter, Moriguchi Akane’s out-of-bounds shot could not be blocked, allowing the chase. Jo Soo-ah responded with a 3-point shot, ending the first half with a score of 38-33.

Samsung Life ran away again after that, but faced a crisis in the second half of the 4th quarter. Due to the small number of people available, his stamina was exhausted and he allowed the opponent a series of outside shots. About a minute before the end of the game, they were chased by 1 point (64-63), but Shin Iseul put in a 3-point shot and scored a goal for his teammate to end the victory.

After the game, coach Lim Geun-bae said, “The opponent is small and fast. We have no choice but to be pushed out of speed. Due to the composition of the players, I shouldn’t be pushed back in the rebound (36-31), but I lost a lot. A small number of people can be viewed rather positively. Last season, a lot of injuries came out when we were not ready, so it was a big hit. We are trying to grow bench resources in preparation in advance,” he looked back at the game.

On this day, Samsung Life Insurance had six cards left. There are three players selected for the national team, and all the remaining players need to be managed due to injuries. When will Samsung Life become my strength?

Regarding this, coach Lim Geun-bae said, “Lee Joo-yeon can run if she wants to run. However, he plans to return with time to spare. Yebin Yoon needs time. If we do well, we can come back in time for the season opener, but we’ll have to wait and see. Bae Hye-yoon was resting because she was undergoing rehabilitation for her knee. I need more time to improve my condition. Kiana was reported to be up to 80% of her body. She is scheduled to enter the country on August 24th. Currently, it is difficult to participate in the Park Shin-Ja Cup, and I plan to put it in from the Japanese field training in September.


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